Sunday, May 3, 2015

About Walking On Air

It has been a dreamy 6 months.
Walking On Air, my debut solo exhibition- is a wholesome experience of living out a dream, with the joy of creating, freedom in doing what I love-communicate and express through my art works and paintings.

It flows with the rhythm of my life path therefore a mixture of works consisting various themes & manifestations of styles-
A door into my world that I like it to be colorful, multifaceted and interestingly textured- at least for the moments up till now.

It has been exciting, exhausting, and mind & body challenging.
But I never felt that it was tough, I enjoyed every bits of it. I was so happy that I have realized a dream.
And it was rewarding, with good responses from the collectors.

It is my key to freedom, to achieve my peace of mind - that I am doing my best about what I love, sharing it - & live a good life.

To see YeeTing's Exhibition

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