YeeTing's work is convincing, simplified & very well-composed. At first look it appears drawings we have seen before. Nevertheless it is Ting's very personal way of composing & putting lines & colors together- this is a fusion with traditional eastern art & western way that makes her work special. 
The image is talking to you not loud but convincing.
Jan Hallfors

Foreword by Manager of Sabah Art Gallery
Jennifer P. Linggi
The Sabah Art Gallery is proud to feature the works of YeeTing Wong in her first solo exhibition entitled Walking On Air. In the 80 works exhibited, we have the privilege of seeing Ting's versatility on a wide range of subjects, including landscapes, figures, still life, as well as wildlife which she is most famous.
As a full-time artist, Ting started in 1993 teaching art. To this day Ting still teaches art whilst dividing her time between Denmark & Malaysia. The time spent in these two countries has "sharpen her cultural senses" as the artist claims and this is evident in her work where her palette changes depending on which part of the world she is in.
In both oils and Chinese ink, Ting evolved a technique of extraordinary freedom & freedom & originality. Although her paintings have a wonderful sense of life spontaneity, she created them with great care & thought deeply about all aspects of her art, including the size of her canvas and use of colors. 
Her affiliation to Sabah is felt in many of her Subject matter but Ting has a way turning what is ordinary and familiar into quietly captivating images.

 YeeTing is a versatile artist. Yet, in everything she creates there is always 
signature & identity, with side dish of 
spontaneity. A free spirit with vision, who adds color to a sometimes bleak & faithless world.  
Amir Yussof & Hilda Malibin
New Zealand

We commissioned YeeTing to design& produce two pieces of artworks for our home in TanjungAru. The paintings Ting produced were beautifully designed and clearly the result of considerable thought as they suited the areas perfectly. The paintings themselves are simply beautiful and we could not be more delighted with them.We wish Ting success in her future.
Bruce & Morna Humphrey

A vivacious, free-spirited  artist who liberates in her paintings, whose personality shines through the art and draws audience in; to share and see the world through her eyes. YeeTing whom I met in 2012 has always amazed me with her love for flora and fauna, with which I have the privilege of owning a dedicated collaborative art titled 'Where Is My Kopi' by her and Jan Hallfors, a Swedish artist.
'Dear YeeTing, stay inspired & continue to inspire others, especially young  with dreams & aspirations'
Yap Cheen Boon
Owner Kopi Cap Kuda
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

YeeTing has a brilliant talent for painting and I love her use of colors in many of her works. Especially I would point out her talent for giving to birds, flowers and small as well as huge animals. She is genuine down to the details but also her way of expressing speed in the nature takes my breath away. She has been able to paint Danish flowers in a fresh and different way I cherish everyday. I wish her all the best.
Rie Strand-Holm
Copenhagen, Denmark

In YeeTing's work we find a fine technique combined with a flair for creative composition in each picture and a group of pictures. The birds each have their own self, talking to others, have almost human looks albeit presented closely natural. The naturalistic look is only there at the first glance, a lot more is going on after a while.
-About Bornean Triptych
Søren & Gitte Boje Mortensen
Copenhagen, Denmark

A strong sense of life runs through all YeeTing's work, be it an accurate rendering of an animal, bird or plant or one of her more mystical, flowing pieces. YeeTing has an amazing ability to instil life and movement into her art with just a few dots or splashes of color here and there.
Howard ST John

YeeTing is a truly adorable artist. I love the way she talks about her paintings: it is all about the pleasure she has to paint them and to share them. She feels blessed that we enjoy her paintings but she really deserves it!  YeeTing is a great artist, she masters lots of different techniques and loves exploring new styles and themes. I love her paintings, the vibrant corals, the fancy little fish, the wise elephant, the meaningful trees and all the quietness that emanates from her and her beautiful creations.
Clotilde Luquiau
Paris, France

I am fortunate enough to own two paintings by Ting. These paintings were made specially for my home in Bangkok, & actually created in my garden over a period of two weeks as Ting wished to take inspiration from the nature around my house. The end result was a set of twin paintings, stunning in simplicity & beautiful in detail, of some unique shells found around the lake bordering the house. When hung at the wall, the colours and the amount of small exquisite details in the paintings immediately gave an aura of quality & natural presence in the room. I had actually not been giving Ting any specific instructions of what I really wanted, but left it entirely to her & her imagination and intuition of what was right for my house. I did not regret this approach, & cannot help but being attracted to these beautiful piece of arts every time I walked into the room.
Jan Dam Pedersen &  Jiew Thanyarat

The works of YeeTing have settled comfortably into our home and cause us a smile of acknowledgement and warmth when we pass them. We choose art based on the emotions it evokes and YeeTing's work ( the paintings we have bought) create an air of serenity and beauty. We are grateful for her wonderful paintings.
They are Family
Bob & Su Chong Hartley
UK - Malaysia

Whenever I look at YeeTing's art work, I often get a sense of serenity & whimsy. Her style is uniquely hers and it sets her apart from others' creations. Her masterful strokes & touches create such beautiful work of arts with so much depth that are capable of moving my mind and soul in the most wonderful way. Love her and her works! 
YeeMei Wong & Fitzgerald Tsen

YeeTing's works are interesting and you can see that she puts all her heart and soul into each and every artwork she creates. Her choice of colors compliments each other, and gives you some sort of feeling from the way she strokes her lines and how freely the paint flows. Other than that, you can also sense and feel there is a double meaning in some of her works, which I find it quite interesting as well.
Joe Chan
Central of Art & Design
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia

YeeTing, a great artist with amazing talent.  I love her style of work which expresses a lot of love in a carefree and cheerful style. My daughter and I were very privileged to have YeeTing as our tutor. We have learnt so much from her!
Angela Tan

Like some artists, YeeTing takes her inspirations from nature and people around her. Her uniqueness though, lies in her ability not only to observe but to absorb the essence of whatever she studies, be it a bird, plant or a Sabahan dancer & then expresses this in her art, sometimes using unusual media such as local coffee.
Eva & Steve Telenius-Lowe
London, UK

With the sensitivity of subtle yet exciting color variations & harmonious compositions,  YeeTing's creative art works are a wholesome visual experience.  Her inspirational pieces bring us even closer to understanding our intricate bond with nature and the need to really value it.
Christianne Goonting

YeeTing doesn't just paint, she channels; specifically, the undercurrent of almost forgotten impressions, familiar feelings out of reach, yet ever- present. Her works, however diverse in form and subject matter, channel a gentle, seemingly effortless - Even naive, yet distinct and authentic passion.  That delicately fluttering petal, or wise yet childlike eyes of majestic living creatures,  or decidedly fiery wing tip feathers,  are always conveying certain intensely organic feelings.  Feelings at once familiar and exotic, feelings almost extinct,  but been there always, patiently waiting to be remembered and made flesh.  Somehow,  YeeTing has found her ways around those precious somethings,  simple little truths and unvarnished meanings threatened to be exiled in an increasingly complex and hyper-contextual world.  Through graceful strokes and deliberate dabs, YeeTing gently and generously shares with us a parallel universe that is free and spontaneous,  that invites us to fearlessly ebb and flow with her in suspended waves of curiosity and glee, that softens and sensitizes modern senses to the rich, boundless elements that have always been here all this time,  in ever-presence.
Yzara Wong 
Multi disciplinary Artist

Every painting has a story- dancing with brilliant colors of vitality. In which there is calmness & balance: it is her meditation & realization upon Life & Nature
Kong Lee Lee
Kota Kinabalu


With utmost gratitude,  Thank You To All for the acknowledgement,  support,  friendship & love.
- YeeTing

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