Thursday, February 9, 2023

New Era

2022-2023 has been studio-travel-studio-travel-studio-travel-studio!

This new batch of penguin ink and watercolor painting is about the penguins seen during the latest Antartica and Patagonia trip.  Apart from the Antartica Peninsula it was rather warm during my fourth visit to Bluff Cove Lagoon, Falkland Islands where I still have my penguin artworks for sale at the Sea Cabbage cafe-gallery. It was amazing to be able to travel and see friends again. The largest continental South American Magellanic  Penguin colony at Punta Tombo, Patagonia was exciting,  to be among the 2 million penguins and watched these adorable creatures in their habitats. 

Do check out my latest artworks on my web shop Art by Ting. The paintings are for sale with free worldwide shipping. 

Sunday, February 27, 2022

Coming Soon!

  A new gallery and shop will be available soon.  It is exciting and challenging with the new formats but getting there!

Friday, February 18, 2022

World Pangolin Day 2022 Fundraiser

Pangolin Mother & Baby Ink & watercolor on 300g Arches HP 23x31cm / 9inx12in USD250/RM1000 + postage. Paint still wet. All proceed of the sale of this ink and watercolor painting will go to fund NGO 1StopBorneo Wildlife on FB @wildlifeclub on Instagram . Check out their conservation efforts and good work being the voice for our wonderful wildlife and nature on Borneo. Would you do something for pangolin, one of the most trafficked mammals in Asia on World Pangolin Day 2022? Kindly send me a message for any enquiries. Thank you❤ #worldpangolinday #pangolin #wildlifeart #wildlife #conservation #environmental #Borneo #Borneowildlife #art #painting #watercolor #illustration #illustrationart

Tuesday, February 15, 2022

December 2021- February2022

The beginning of a new era.  I traveled again in early January for a month in the Carribean Islands. I have enjoyed the voyage and made it home with 6 negative PCR tests.
I have taken good care of my health - mind and physical and shall continue to do so! 
 Wishing you a wonderful year ahead with abundant fulfilment in every aspect of life. What doesn't defeat us makes us stronger, we shall move forward with greater clarity and powerful purposes. 

              Like The Tiger With Wings
Work in progress during the voyage 

I am working on a new layout and gallery store for the website.  This blog section will still be within the new site.  Please come back in the near future to check it out.  
Thank you ❤
                  -   Ting xx

Thursday, December 2, 2021

August-November 2021

This is a transitional time. Deep loss, new path, constant striving to be the person I want to be. Infinity a painting in progress,  a dream about an endless flow of love and life energy.

Rhythm of Life  •Acrylic on canvas 80x90cm
Infinity •Acrylic on canvas 180x95cm

Thursday, August 12, 2021

April - July

 All kinds of everything. Commissions,  Hand-embellished art,  Double-sided framed art.  Cushion cover! I'm busy working in my studio everyday, eager to offload ideas and images accumulated.  It's wonderful to see them materialized and encouraging to have good responses.  I want to change the settings on my website when there's time for it. 

Sunday, February 21, 2021

Spring Garden Party

 The White Winter in many places are 'turning into brown sorbet' according to an artist friend in Stockholm. Certainly the footsteps of Spring can be heard soon.  To welcome Spring,  Bunny Babies appeared on my watercolor paper! A preview of the Easter atmosphere. 

These artworks are for sale.  If you like the ink paintings and have a special request for loved ones,  commissions are welcomed too.

Any enquiries reach me at:

Whatsapp   +60122128612


Instagram  yeetingwongartist

FB  Yee Ting Wong Artist

In the Garden 
Ink and Acrylic on watercolor paper 
21.5 x 29.7cm

Ready for Spring 
Ink on watercolor paper 
21.5 x 29.7cm

Little Friend
Acrylic on canvas 
Ready for display 

Little Friend
Acrylic on canvas 
Ready for display 

Acrylic on canvas 
Ready for display 

Acrylic on canvas 
Ready for display 

Cousin & Tuxedo
10x10cmx1.5cm each
Acrylic on canvas 
Ready for display 

Little Friends
10x10cmx1.5cm each
Acrylic on canvas 
Ready for display 

Acrylic on Canvas 
Ready for display 

Little Friends and Missy Pindsvin 
Acrylic on Acrylic paper 

Monday, February 1, 2021

Latest from Borneo Art Base


A compilation of my latest Wolves series and Unpublished Artworks

Since the beginning of the new norm,  the art world is about #keepcreating. In the last ten months I have created artworks for my wildlife and birds series, the first Virtual Bird Fair of the legendary Bird Fair that I have been privileged to participate in. Tremendous thanks to supportive new and return customers I have created commissions that delivered to Canada, Brunei, UK, Denmark and New Zealand. Also my artworks purchased and delivered to Sweden and Denmark.   It has been a time that connects more than I have ever been aware of before,  from my tiny 150 square feet studio Borneo Art Base in Kota Kinabalu. I  have not been in a base for this long for more than a decade,  I realized; for I have been moving around like the wolves!๐Ÿ˜š

 I have found a new form of expression for my art,  during this long period of working from one place. Hopefully it will work out well for my coming project in 2021.

My Instagram yeetingwongartist and Facebook Yee Ting Wong Artist are frequently updated. Hope to see you there. 

Moving forward,  that's the only way, and I will make it the best way.  If you are reading till this far,  I wish you a truly wonderful and lovely day onwards!๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’š  ~ Ting

Tuesday, January 5, 2021

New Year 2021

 There has been an extraordinary flow of energy and motivation, arising from the realization of something more profound beyond my travels and studio hours :)  Well maybe it sounds mystical,  but it's fine with me,  so long it is beautiful and sustainable. As an artist,  I have been seeking meanings and applications to express my art. Sometimes I felt
 like the greatest creator in the universe,  and sometimes I was a nothing at all.  But for the first time in my life, I experienced a complete calmness,  than the otherwise unsettled mindscape that often happened around the New Year.  Being aware of every moment of my life is brand new,  liberated me from the fear of not achieving my goals. My life is dedicated to create beautiful images that bring pleasantness for myself and the viewers.   That's what I will continue to focus on. Meditation has been my daily basis for well-being and getting in unison with my surroundings and breathe life into my artworks. 

May the New Year 2021 be one of Inner and Outer Exploration.


Monday, August 17, 2020

Virtual Bird Fair 2020


๐ŸŒธWarm Welcome and Thank You for visiting my gallery. 

This series of paintings are created and compiled exclusively for the first 

Virtual Bird Fair.  

If you like some of my artworks 

 or have a special request for someone special, feel free to send me a message. 

๐ŸŒธ Enjoy Viewing ๐ŸŒธ

For purchase and enquiries
Mobile/Whatsapp +60122128612
FB: Yee Ting Wong Artist
Instagram: yeetingartist

๐ŸŒธPlease click on each Gallery below to view different groups of paintings



Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Saturday, November 23, 2019

Pangolins, Turtles, Orang hutans, Weedy Sea Dragons, Burrowing Owl, Hummingbirds, Black Grouse & Finches

There's a place that they coexist, these creatures. Not a zoo, but my Borneo Art Base in a little village tucked in the green valley in England or in a farm house on an island in the middle of Baltic Sea.
After the UK Bird Fair, I have been traveling to Denmark  and painted more creatures of the world, the Weedy Sea Dragons, Peruvian Hummingbirds, a Burrowing owl and Wildlife and Nature of Svenske Havn.  A new series of European passerines shimmer on my silk suncatchers, something new for me, it was absolutely enjoyable.
Back in the UK, I hiked in the Highlands of Scotland and inspired by her wonderful nature, for the third time. Back in England, I painted a series of watercolors of Black Grouse, Bullfinches, Red Squirrel and Crested Tits.
Following that, I started some new ink drawings of creatures of Borneo, which I will add watercolors to.
And then more finches on my latest bird diptych of Finches.
I love painting, it's my life.

Monday, August 19, 2019

Rutland Waters Bird Fair 2019 UK

A lot of rain, a lot of birds, and wonderful people!
A great event over the weekend after months of intense preparation. All the efforts paid off.
My art stand Borneo Artist YeeTing Wong was voted by visitors the Best Stand Award 3rd place in the Art Marquee. What an honor!
All the beautiful comments and reviews on my artworks from everyone really made my days at the legendary Bird Fair.
Bravo to all the lovely and talented fellow exhibitors that made this show such a successful one, year after year.  A 'new kid on the block' like me has got lots of kind support and warm encouragement to make it possible.
 The Bird Fair organisers, passionate people. Can't imagine what an amazing team of birders it takes to make this event such an awesome and great one.
I have contributed to paint the Arctic Tern on the annual Bird Fair mural that will go on permanent display at the world famous Fair Isle Bird Observatory once it is newly-rebuilt after a devastating fire on 10th March 2019.
 Still smiling, I will continue on to create amazing artworks from me for you, my old and new friends that love nature and art. In fact, the sweet little girl in the neighboring stand said I win the Smiley Face Award, because I am smiling all the time!
My most supportive partner, family and dearest friends in Denmark, Malaysia and others that are living in all parts of the world shared the same joy and excitement.

I just think that everything is so good and fantastic, I will start to create a lot more new artworks real soon!
  -Follow my Instagram account @tingofborneo @yeetingartist
Facebook page Yee Ting Wong Artist
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Saturday, June 1, 2019

Sea Lions of Coquimbo

I wanted to evoke the mesmerizing, gentle soothing sounds of water, shimmering ripples and harmonious atmosphere of the sealions family when they were bobbing contentedly in the harbour of Coquimbo. An occasional dive made a splash! and stirred the tranquility into a whirl of excitement.

Friday, May 31, 2019

Harvest Festival

It always rain on the last day of Harvest Festival, 31st of May. It's raining now. Thinking about the Helmeted Hornbill, a mighty bird in the Borneo rainforest. That I hope the rainforest will remain their home that they can live safely and happily for a long while. 

Sunday, May 12, 2019


In January-March 2018, I have traveled around South America. Last November, I spent one month in Peru.  This Winter-Spring, I have traveled around the world in 100 days.. Abundance is the predictable outcome of the voyages. I offload my first impressions through a Kagu, the enigmatic and characteristic bird found only on New Caledonia. The encounter with a family of Kagu  in the mountain forest is so special and precious. I want to portray the uniqueness of this unusual bird that survived the possibility of extinction. There's only 60 Kagus left in the world in 1992. With conservation efforts the population increased to 900 on New Caledonia.
To me, they resemble hope in this vast and beautiful world, that need care and awareness to be in. By acknowledging their existence, I find mine.

Thursday, December 27, 2018

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