Monday, December 15, 2014

Bornholm-Borneo Return

The name of the duo exhibition suggests, it is about journey between two ends of the world.
Two minds - striving to achieve familiarity in two distinctively different foreign land.
The testament of dedication of artists Jan Hallfors and YeeTing in their life as painters.
The hardship of distance, differences in culture, nature and people, all became part of what is-
the journey between time and spaces fueled the works where the artists are challenged with acceptance by one another or by their surroundings.
The cat, the circles, the house, the hat, the lines, the faces.
They are all familiar subjects.
In this exhibition by YeeTing & Jan Hallfors consisting collaborative as well as individual works, the impression is something "Uniquely Familiar, Yet Different".
A harmonious flow is observed throughout the exhibits.
The core of the artists' wish in search for their ideal existence in the foreign lands.

More about the exhibition:
Jan Hallfors & YeeTing Wong
Yee Ting Wong Artist

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