Monday, February 1, 2021

Latest from Borneo Art Base


A compilation of my latest Wolves series and Unpublished Artworks

Since the beginning of the new norm,  the art world is about #keepcreating. In the last ten months I have created artworks for my wildlife and birds series, the first Virtual Bird Fair of the legendary Bird Fair that I have been privileged to participate in. Tremendous thanks to supportive new and return customers I have created commissions that delivered to Canada, Brunei, UK, Denmark and New Zealand. Also my artworks purchased and delivered to Sweden and Denmark.   It has been a time that connects more than I have ever been aware of before,  from my tiny 150 square feet studio Borneo Art Base in Kota Kinabalu. I  have not been in a base for this long for more than a decade,  I realized; for I have been moving around like the wolves!😚

 I have found a new form of expression for my art,  during this long period of working from one place. Hopefully it will work out well for my coming project in 2021.

My Instagram yeetingwongartist and Facebook Yee Ting Wong Artist are frequently updated. Hope to see you there. 

Moving forward,  that's the only way, and I will make it the best way.  If you are reading till this far,  I wish you a truly wonderful and lovely day onwards!💛💚  ~ Ting

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