Saturday, November 23, 2019

Pangolins, Turtles, Orang hutans, Weedy Sea Dragons, Burrowing Owl, Hummingbirds, Black Grouse & Finches

There's a place that they coexist, these creatures. Not a zoo, but my Borneo Art Base in a little village tucked in the green valley in England or in a farm house on an island in the middle of Baltic Sea.
After the UK Bird Fair, I have been traveling to Denmark  and painted more creatures of the world, the Weedy Sea Dragons, Peruvian Hummingbirds, a Burrowing owl and Wildlife and Nature of Svenske Havn.  A new series of European passerines shimmer on my silk suncatchers, something new for me, it was absolutely enjoyable.
Back in the UK, I hiked in the Highlands of Scotland and inspired by her wonderful nature, for the third time. Back in England, I painted a series of watercolors of Black Grouse, Bullfinches, Red Squirrel and Crested Tits.
Following that, I started some new ink drawings of creatures of Borneo, which I will add watercolors to.
And then more finches on my latest bird diptych of Finches.
I love painting, it's my life.

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