Sunday, May 12, 2019


In January-March 2018, I have traveled around South America. Last November, I spent one month in Peru.  This Winter-Spring, I have traveled around the world in 100 days.. Abundance is the predictable outcome of the voyages. I offload my first impressions through a Kagu, the enigmatic and characteristic bird found only on New Caledonia. The encounter with a family of Kagu  in the mountain forest is so special and precious. I want to portray the uniqueness of this unusual bird that survived the possibility of extinction. There's only 60 Kagus left in the world in 1992. With conservation efforts the population increased to 900 on New Caledonia.
To me, they resemble hope in this vast and beautiful world, that need care and awareness to be in. By acknowledging their existence, I find mine.

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