Monday, November 7, 2016

Whirlwind in the Whirlpool

The mind did a balancing act:

When I am back from a round trip Bornholm-Copenhagen-Helsingør-Hamburg-Bremen-Bornholm-Copenhagen-Helsingør-Stockholm-Copenhagen-Bornholm over the month of October for traveling and visiting, my head was cramped with the visuls and vibes of the cities..

Easing by painting two small watercolor sunbirds, it worked like a therapy for me!

I was delighted by the decision I made to create my next Bird Connect Paintings.
I was so happy with my Borneo Montane birds, I continue with the Borneo Sunbirds. I let the colors heal and soothe my mind.
The familiar strokes and forms worked like magic, the flow was so natural for made my whole being Glow!

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