Monday, September 5, 2016

A Summary of Summer

The summer has borne an array of wildlife watercolors, ink drawings and paintings.
-Working from images of the abundance Bornean wildlife and live from the island wildlife, particularly the seagulls' urban and countryside behaviors.

In the beginning I have worked on my 'energy art' - the fish paintings. I enjoyed the simplicity of the theme, whilst indulging in the never ending possibilities of compositions according to the flow of the painting process.

There's also ongoing projects for events mid 2017.

The fruit trees and berries bushes have been abundant in the produces that the locals say this is the sign of a hard winter.

For me, I feel a pleasant sense of ease as the transition of the season brings about a new balanced energy as the day and night shares equal time in hours.
There's a deeper sense of harmony within that is arising.
The mystery of Fall unfolds after the 50mm Autumn rain overnight accompanied by the North Western wind cleared the atmosphere off the lingering dust of the Summer!


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