Tuesday, October 27, 2015

More Than Hundred Thoughts Of Us

A Commission completed in May 2015 based on my painting series 'Thoughts'
More Than Hundred Thoughts Of Us is commissioned by a young surgeon couple living in Birmingham for their stylish home and in welcoming the arrival of their first child due in June.
They visited my solo exhibition and loved the painting Hundred Thoughts Of Us that was exhibited at the show , which was already sold; and wanted a larger painting for their high wall in the stairway.
I have started the work during the winter months in Denmark and brought it back to   KotaKinabalu & completed alongside another large scale commission.
Then the painting traveled west bound to the happy young couple before the baby's arrival.
It was a painting about love, joy, life and family.
To View Thoughts series : Thoughts series by YeeTing
More Than Hundred Thoughts Of Us
Acrylic on Canvas
162 x 162 Cm Commissioned

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