Sunday, July 27, 2014

Almost Plein-AIr

Another unforgetable experience , while painting at the famed Borneo Rainforest Lodge in Danum Valley.. surrounded by 160 million years jungle. 
It was no doubt humid, and at times rainy.
But the view...breathtakingly beautiful and captivating, my fourth visit to the valley was a blessing and deeply rejuvenating after staying in the city for a while.

Everything was Perfect - Perfectly sculpted by nature itself. 
And when I drew from the nature, I drew from it the essence..and spirit. 

The hundred shades of green, or more - I could only felt the coolness and density it represented ; the lively sap green and the minty green when the forest was covered by the mist and smog when the hot and cold air were working their chemistry.

Always a magical moment - when the tropical rain was pouring.

Everything transformed - the river turned from turquoise to muddy gold, the lush green forest turned hazy, the birds were hiding and could not be heard . And when this happened , I took a break from painting and pondered at the calmness amidst the roaring sound of the river and the rain.

Plein-air painting -  by the Danum River, 

          ..on the double-storeyed veranda

          and at single-storeyed veranda .

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