Saturday, March 23, 2013

Abstract Borneo- Land Beneath the Wings

 Coming towards the last weeks of the 3 months art project, here is a sneak peek of my works produced :
Great Argus Ring : The Law of Nature
The male performing a courtship dance :*Males maintain territories that include dancing grounds for their courtship displays, which they keep clear of leaves, sticks and twigs, and from here they call to advertise their presence to females. When a female arrives, the male circles her and spreads his wings into two impressive fans, flaunting hundreds of eye-spots*
 Happy Hour, connecting painting.. of the color of sky during the 'Happy Hour'. My prefered Happy Hour is around 5- 6:30pm ..When the sun is upon setting
Bornean Bristlehead Triptych (Horizon I)
 Connecting painting that can be displayed in 6 arrangements.This special edition is small size. Will be exhibited in Tokyo in April

Bornean Bristlehead Triptych
(Vertical I)
In progress: Broadbills Garden

In progress: Morning Walk

Follow the art project on : Abstract Borneo: Land Beneath the Wings

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