Thursday, December 30, 2010

Borneo Tree Of Life with Butterflies

Borneo Tree of Life 48 In x 96 In (122 x 244 cm) Mixed Media on Board

Commissioned by Mr. & Mrs.Humphrey for Sea Forth ,
a tropical bungalow set in a lush garden at the beach of Tanjung Aru ,Kota Kinabalu.

When I was asked to design a painting for a large feature wall facing the entrance, I was in the midst of my 'Sommerfugl' mode.. Summer and butterfly after my trip back from summer Europe.
As I proposed my Tree of Life series idea, it was well-accepted and the butterfly was perceived as a positive, irridescent, wonderful creature. The energy of creation was over-flowing, I was working passionately for this piece that should also fulfill Mrs.Humphrey request for a 'calm' look.

The two-pieces panel were carved and painted and I wanted it to look sophisticated & finished yet rustic and artistic.. with elements of Borneo but ''not touristy'' - Mr.Humphrey's request.

I could still recall the satisfaction and joy when I heard Mr.Humphrey said to Mrs.Humphrey: "It could not be better !" when they stood enjoying the installed art piece.

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