Tale Of My Silent Poetry

It has been snowing. It has been cold
The most importantly, it was quiet.  A beautiful kind of silence, in this calming winter studio nestled on the island in the middle of Baltic Sea.

At the studio on this faraway Scandinavian island from home, I got the most out of my being.
The canvases were soon filled with images that I am familiar with, the creative process flow to the magical rhythm of the wonderful experience.

Capturing the moment, for me is about feelings that is embedded, released in a spark when the situation allows.
It is connected to the past that was influencing the now and the future that is following the aspirations.

Saying this, the magical moments experienced in the foreign land was an unplanned journey, it was the spark of my artistic manifestation of  paintings, of how the artworks were created.

Never underestimate what the environment does to one's wellbeing or existence, even if we are 'used to it', so to speak.
Working as a painter in different geographical environments enticed the 'cultural shock' of a sensitive mind..
It is not about the art, dances or food.

It's the air quality, the light, the space, the plants, behaviour of animals...
It is the difference of how nature is treated, respected, or not.
The approach to life of people that uses the land where they were born. The whole history of their civilization and culture reflects in how closely one gets to be in and enjoy the nature in the most unexploited manner.

In short, being in harmony with the surroundings is the point I very much like to be.

My paintings are fragments of my thoughts that I like it to be pure,  joyful and as a reminder that evokes the basic instincts that moves towards a light and harmonious path.

Sunbird Triptych, a 3 panels Connect Painting was created in this light.
There were small watercolors with uninhibited freedom expressed.
In this process, I have also created a commission painting titled Mother Love with a spontaneous approach and application.
It potrays the same unpretentious characteristics of natural, unconditional love that is between an elephant mother and her calf.

And a handsome White Breasted Waterhen taking a leisurely walk in my water lily pond.

Back in my tropical homeland, I used the same force, in a continuing flow-
After the spontaneous splashes of wet in wet watercolor, the images emerged after I have meditated on the initial stage.
Then I see what is embedded, and outlined and enhanced it.
The layers and layers of paint I piled up later still allow the first layer to show through.
It takes a lot of patience, and in the final touch, it was how I like it to be.

It's my art, an artificial creation, in balance through the approach towards Existentialism.

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Latest group exhibition Invitational Artist Exhibition at Sabah Art Gallery from 11April - 8July 2015

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